Jun 16, 2012

Graduated Cylinder

Hey, remember blogging? I used to blog like a hundred blogs every day. Honest, I did. But then I stopped. But I am going to start again. I am restarting my blog postification right.....now. So, why did I stop in the first place you ask? You did ask right? Because I could have sworn I heard you mutter something. Let's just say you asked. Well, since you asked, I will tell you. I have not had the time. Not much of a story I admit, but you did ask.

I have relit the sultry flame of my blogging passion for a good reason. My oldest daughter just completed the last of her 13 years of K-12, state-mandated, federally-funded education -- colloquially referred to as "graduating from high school". Since I know that there is at least one person out there that constantly checks my blog, day after day, for a new post (I'm looking at you Chris), I figured I'd bloginate about it. You are welcome. I made a video of the ceremony and everything.

Her Gramma had a grad party for her a couple weeks ago, and her Mum and I had our own party for her just last week. Altogether the little snot scored like $400, AND a bunch a cool gifts. What the flip?! Sure, everyone loves Michaela, but come on! Hey, you know why you love her? Because she exists. And why is that? Because HER PARENTS took care of her for something like 18 years! And what did we get? Jack crap, that's what! I mean, we bought her clothes, let her live in the house, and gave her food almost every day. What a rook. Did I mention how much money she got? Because it was a lot. She also got a desk and some cool Portal stuff. I wish I had a desk. Well, I do...but still....

"Here you go Dad. You deserve it....NOT!"
I just hate that she got all the stuff. I wish her Mum and I got something. Like maybe, I don't know, a time machine? Then we could go back to when she was a baby. You know what I hate even more? That she is growing up and that I am getting old. Not that I am some sentimental sissy or anything, no-sirree! I am stone inside. That's what they call me, "Old Stone Inside..er, Guy". Yep! Ask anyone. Go ahead, I'll wait....

Oh, who am I kidding? I love her and am proud of her, I guess. Did you know she is only third person in my side of the family to graduate from high school? I know, it's pretty cool. She is a great daughter and, despite my best efforts, a better person than I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to my room to not look at her old baby pictures and not get emotional. Hey look! My desk....they grow up so fast *sniff*. Desks that is. Not little girls. Because I am totally unmoved by the passing of time and thoughts of moments passed that....will never come again. Must. Resist. Don't think of any Justin Roberts song....ah crap. Curse you associative memory and how you are impacted by linear nature of time!

I also have a son who, God willing, will graduate in a few years as well. Then I get to go through all this again. How much you wanna bet he gets two desks. Pffftt! Stupid desks and their stupid....well, desks are just stupid that's all.

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Becky said...

It didn't make me cry at all. I just have something in my eye so it looks like I'm crying.