Nov 11, 2010

Netflix: Godfather Streaming Sleeps with The Fishes

I rarely, if ever, declare something as "my favorite". I don't really have a favorite color, or favorite food. I don't have a favorite song or a favorite book. I even have difficulty declaring someone as my "best friend" (seriously, who wants that kind of pressure?). However, I do have a favorite movie. Well, more like a favorite screenplay that, do to length, was split between two separate movies*. But it's really like one movie, more or less. I guess I can't really call it my favorite movie if it's really two movies, can I? Well then, let's just go with this then: My favorite movie(s) is(are) The Godfather(II).

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It's sort of a guilty pleasure really. The story doesn't exactly promote love for ones fellowman or sing the praises of kindness and virtue (actually, I'm not really if any commercial film ever has). But it's practically Saturday morning cartoons compared with what one sees in theaters these days. I love the film because of its depth. On the surface, it's just a crime drama. But under that, it's story of a families love for one another. And if one should look even deeper as I have, they will see how the whole story (including III) is a allegory. Within the story arc, spanning two lifetimes, it shows how even the best of men can become so blinded in their pursuit of the so-called "American Dream", they don't see what it is costing them. All too late, they realize how the words of the wise King Solomon can prove true for all those with unchecked ambition: "everything is vanity...and striving after the wind". Besides, the Godfather story has some of the most quotable lines on Earth. Sometimes I am careless and use them in casual conversation. None of my friends ever get it. But such is the way of a man, I suppose. Women and children can be careless, but never men.

I have never purchased these films myself, but they have been on TV countless times. I would usually watch them at least once a year. Regardless, I was tickled when I noticed that all three were available for streaming through Netflix. Now I could watch them whenever I wanted! I immediately added them all to my queue and devoured them in a single day. It was a good day. That was back in September. Just a scant two months ago. Well, I went to watch them all again just yesterday and found they were now missing from my queue. GASP! Had someone in the family removed them? In my home? Where my wife sleeps...and my children play with their toys?

I know it was you, Netflix. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!
I went to the Netflix site to re-add the movies to my queue and found that, to my chagrin, the little "Play Now" button was gone. Gone?! For some reason, these films were no longer available for streaming. Sure, I could still watch them. But I would have to wait for it to get here in the mail. The mail. What am I, Amish? All I knew was I wanted to watch them now. Good thing for me, I had a method. A method of changing reality that never fails. Never. I am told it fails all the time. In fact, I am told that it has never worked at all. But it has. There see? I just did it again. Suckers. Moving on...

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As I looked upon the non-button, I channeled all my life force. Then I began to use my amazing, reality-changing power. I said: "I want to now! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!" There, that should do it, I thought (I know this works because I've seen it on TV [reference]). However, despite my best efforts, the Netflix web page ignored my petulant tantrum powerful mind. From what my wife later told me, the site ignored me because it was an "inanimate object". Oh really? Then why do the people move Becky? Why do the people move? Anyway, then she said that I should stop "being dumb" because I was "annoying". Pffft! Whatever. You know what's really annoying? Netflix, that's what! Their big stupid site with it's big stupid not-having-my-favorite-movie-available-for-streaming-anymore. Do they know who I am? I'm Moe Green! I made my bones when your movies were going out in the Yellow envelopes!

Admitting my failure, I just added The Godfather to the regular (or "commoner") queue.  By the time it gets here via /gag/ the US Mail, I probably could have just downloaded a Torrent of it...about a million times. But there is that whole "ethical downloading" thing I actually care about. And I know I would feel dirty getting a less-than-legal copy of such a great film. So I guess I will just have to wait. In the meantime, I think I will blog about it. And I just did. I don't know...maybe one day, if my grades are good enough, I will buy myself a Kindle (and the Kindle Editionof the novel) and actually read the book my favorite movies are based on. But I don't like Kindles, Tom. I'm a businessman. Blood is a big expense. Okay, that last one was a stretch, but I wanted to squeeze one more quote in...

*Yes, I know there were actually three Godfather films. But I just love the first two; the third was pretty forgettable. I mean like really forgettable. It had its charm, of course. The actor Andy Garcia was great in that film; even being nominated for an Academy Award. And that was back when most people called him "that guy who was in The Untouchables with Sean Connery". But that was about it. The first two are the best ones. In fact, the first two are considered by many to be the best American films ever made.

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