Aug 16, 2010

Okay, this is getting weird....

The top ten. Weird, huh?
I installed Google Analytics (GA) on this site several weeks ago, and started gathering metrics on visitors, trending, traffic sources, search terms etc. I have been observing as some very interesting trends emerge. Particularly in the listing of so-called 'keywords'.

Here a bit about what keyword are. If already know, you can skip the italicized section:

Keywords reflect the search engine terms that a visitor used to find me. For example, if you go to Google, Bing, or any other search site and look for "Judd and Black" (a local appliance store) you find 71,400 results. The fourth one on the list is this post from several months ago. IT was regarding one of their less-than-professional sales staff. 

So, you see my site in the results list. As soon as you do, GA records your visit and records what words you were searching for to get there; in this case "Judd and Black". If another person searches for the same thing and also visits my site, GA records that too. Over time, GA starts to compile statistics and then I go to my GA account and see what the most common search terms are. There are many analytic applications on the market. Google's is only one of many. But it's free and I like.

Okay, now that we have given you the basic idea of what GA is, let's move on to the point of this post. Now, my little blog doesn't exactly get a lot of traffic. The highest I have ever had was 76, when I put a link in a popular forum. Nonetheless, today logged into GA and found that this had risen to #1 on my 'keyword' list: 'Chewbacca says'. And #5 on the list? It's 'what Chewbacca says'. Wait....what? Okay....

Here's a little back-story. Nearly three years ago, some good friends got my family various gifts for our wedding anniversary (14th I think). They got me a cool resin bust of everyones favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. I took a picture, wrote a single post about it (because it was an awesome gift), and moved on. The name of the post is "Chewbacca says...".

Apparently there are a measurable amount of people in the world using Google to search that exact term. Who knew, right? So I have gone back to that post and added a few ads for similar Chewbacca dolls toys. Maybe I can make a few bucks off all the Chewiephiles in the world.

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