Mar 14, 2010

Arabic Circuit Assembly 2010

Just finished the last day of the Arabic language circuit assembly in beautiful Norco, California! What a great assembly! This is our second assembly/convention in Arabic and I think the family understood quite a bit more than we did last time. There many of our friends from the Arabic group than came too and we had a great time spending time with them.
Kids look so cool in the SoCal sunshine!
Up until about a week before we left, we were not even certain we could go.  We had a few hundred bucks saved up, but I don't think it would have been enough to do more than drive down, spend two days at a Motel 6, and then drive home. Sure, we would have made the assembly, but I know from experience it would have been a pyrric victory at best due to high stress. Then two things happened that convinced me that there a bit of divine intervention at work.

A family near the assembly hall offered us there home for an entire week, and my Mom came through on a promise of $1000 that she had made months ago but that I had largely forgotten about. So within a few days we went from being on the bubble of going or not going, to being about to - not just make it the assembly - but also move a slower pace and make a little vacation of the trip as well.

So now that the assembly is all done and we have given our first fruits to Jehovah, we get to spend the next couple of days at Disneyland!

UPDATE: We were able to make it to the 2011 Arabic District Convention in Norco as well!

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