Jan 7, 2010

Windows 7 'God Mode'

I read about this on cnet today.

There is hidden feature (or "undocumented administrative tool") in Windows 7 that puts the oppressively copious control panels in one place. It's called 'God Mode'....seriously, that's what it's actually called. It was in Vista too, but was known to crash 64-bit versions of Vista. Microsoft has nothing to say about this (i.e. they neither confirm or deny it's existence), but the Windows 7 version appears to work fine in 64-bit mode. Of course use at your own risk.

To enable God Mode:
  1. Create a new folder anywhere (I chose the Desktop, but that's just how I roll).
  2. Rename the folder to this (the 'godmode' part can be replaced with any text you want):
  3. The icon will change (to the one pictured) and POOF! God Mode enabled!
This really is a great administrative tool. Now I don't have to drill down through 5 menu screens to get to something like proxy server configuration.

1 comment:

Jonah said...

It also unlocked all the weapons. Even the lightsaber!