Jan 19, 2010

Kitchen repair underway!

After waiting nearly five days (!) for the Allstate adjuster to come out, I am finally moving forward getting the kitchen repaired after our recent fire. I sent emails out to several contractors but got no replies so I just started the work myself (with the guidance of a good friend). We yanked the old range and range hood out and had fun tossing the old range over the balcony onto my driveway (better than dragging it downstairs and it was really quite therapeutic).

After the old range was pulled we saw what a hack job the previous "electrician" had done. There were just wires strung under the cabinets connected with tape and wire-nuts. So we installed an actual plug for the new range and cut away the cabinetry to convert from a drop-in to a free-standing. We are going to Judd & Black today to pick out the new unit!

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Brittany said...

Woo-Hoo! new kitchen stuff!