Nov 23, 2009

The Rapist!

Okay, now that I have your attention, I can tell you about my first visit to a therapist (see what I did there?). All I ever knew of therapy was what I saw on TV and read in books. My Mom has been and I did a little 'proxy therapy' through her in the past, but that was it. In the ongoing struggle to control my depression and maintain a high JoyScore(tm), I have tried a few antidepressants. They did the job, but the side-effects were crippling for me (everyone reacts differently...they might work for you).

Well, my doctor and my family know how I feel about mind-altering pharmaceuticals. But after both my Mom and my doctor recommended the talking cure (or "therapy"), I figured I should at least give it a try. Today was my first visit with a therapist and it seemed to go well. Since this was the initial 'get to know you' session I crammed my entire life story into about 45 minutes. There was a lot of her taking the last thing I had said and turning into a question (like "...and your Father, what was he like?"). There was also quite a bit of laughing by both of us, which surprised me. But it was good. After I speed-talked everything for almost an hour she told me I was 'interesting' and 'gifted'. Not sure if those were just therapeutic image-building techniques for my benefit or if she really meant it, but it was nice to hear from someone besides my Mother or someone scripturally required to be encouraging.

I will be going every week for awhile and we will see how it goes. I am hoping to quite the constant noise inside my mind and maybe, just maybe, find out I am really a space alien like in that movie with Kevin Spacey....well probably not that last thing.

Nov 16, 2009

Be Seeing You

So I watched (time-shifted on the TiVo of course) the first two episodes of the new 'The Prisoner' this weekend. Having only vague memories of watching the original on PBS (I think it was reruns from BBC) back in the 1970s' I could not really determine if this new incarnation is better or worse. Though I do seem to remember the original version being far more 'groovy'.

Much like Firefly of modern times, The Prisoner only had something like 15 episodes yet maintained an loyal following for decades. One thing I remember of the original was 'Number Two' (no, not that kind of Number Two). It was a different actor every episode. From what I have read, Ian McKellan is signed to play Number Two for the entirety of this new mini-series. So at least we can watch Gandalf McGaymagneto on screen, which is always a pleasure.

I am hoping that The Prisoner does not become what Lost has become: an ambiguous story that grows more non sequitur with every episode for the sole purpose of delaying the inevitable conclusion and putting an end to the cash cow. Since The Prisoner is a miniseries and has a predetermined conclusion, I imagine it will wrap up nicely. But, if popular, it will certainly spawn an ongoing series. And that will most likely be like all the other 'big question' format shows....never answer the big question because then the show is over.

Nov 5, 2009

Auction Figure

I've been with Ebay since the turn of the century and about once a year I still get in an Ebay selling mood. Well, that time has come friends! Time for you to browse the early-adopter feeding frenzy that is my life. I buy a lot of whizbang gadgets as soon as they come out (much to my mates chagrin)....and usually end up selling them later. Like now.

I a few things up as I write this and more should be coming soon. If you go there and find nothing to your liking, as least save the bookmark and check back later. You never know...I might be selling iPhones for one penny each!*

Here's the link for all you folks who don't really trust the Interwebs.

*I will never be doing this.

Nov 2, 2009

Bill's Blueprint - Ah, Memories....

Just found out yesterday that my former employer, Bill's Blueprint, had to lay off several employees. As far as I know these were the first layoffs in Bill's Blueprint history....and they opened in 1969! Bill's is a small, family-owned & operated reprographics shop with only a dozen (or so) employees. I started there in 1997 and cut my IT teeth on their nickel. I like to think that I did all these great things for Bill's, but in truth I think I owe them more. Had it not been for their willingness to hire me, twice, (it's a long story) I doubt I would be working in IT at all today. Even though I left in 2007 to work for WSIPC, I still feel a sense of loyalty to them. As much as I hated it sometimes, it was a lot more like a family then I think I care to admit. I still remember setting up their ecommerce site. It's now defunct, but the server has been adorably left on all these years. But at its' peak they were selling thousands of dollars in hard-to-find drafting supplies to the whole country. Good times.

All this sentimentality got me to looking for my first blog. It was more of a photoblog as it consisted of mostly pictures with little text. But I took a lot of pictures of Bill's. I separated in  things I 'loved' about working there, and things that I 'hated'. I hope things improve (or at least bottom out) soon. I would hate for my dated pictures to be all that's left of Bill's Blueprint one day.