May 14, 2009

Comcast Extreme

I know my speed is not exactly the highest in all the land, but it's way faster than what I had with Verizon DSL. With Verizon I was paying for something like 1.5Mbps, but of course I never go anywhere near that. Usually it was around 900Kbps or less. It was cheaper for the DSL to be sure. But by doubling how much I pay for highspeed, I increased my pipe by nearly fiftyfold.

So needless to say, when I got the supersized Comcast highspeed package it was quite a shock. You mean I am paying for 50Mbps and actually getting it most of the time? What is this Bizarro world? It's still slower than work, but I think just about any residential ISP is going to pale in comparision to the K20 backbone I am on at WSIPC. But there is still this matter of Comcast's 250GB/month limit. I do a lot of demo downloading, HD movie streaming, etc. so I think I might be on their nastygram list soon. Since the have yet to offer any kind of "how much have I downloaded this month" mechanism, I guess I just have to wait until they tell me something....

You and Me

I gave a talk in the TMS on Tuesday. One of the scriptures I read used the term 'weak and beggarly things'. The term kind of struck me so wrote this down. I am still working on the chord progression; not really sure what would sound the best....

You and me
Are us and them
There are songs to write
and words to sing
You have your weak and your
beggarly things

I have not much
But I have enough
for today...then to move on
You are rich...
The richest man in Babylon

I show you the wall
With the finger of God
But you see only what you wish to see
Your heart is full
Full of alone.
And you only pretend to be one of us.
One of them.
One of me.

But I like you.
Sometimes I feel I am like you.
I am like you
and I like you
But do you like the likes of me?

I am a zero sum game
I have no assets to sell
I am the cast away faithful
But I am not a shell

You and me
Are us and them
You are a shell game
I will not search for you
I will not search for you
I will not search for you

May 13, 2009

A frothy glass of awesome

We went to see the new Star Trek last weekend. It was pretty good. But what this post is about is not the movie, but rather the collectible glasses available from Burger King. What a great promotion! I already bought a complete set that I will keep in their boxes unopened. But I wanted to get at least one that I would actually use (pictured). These glasses really take me back to my youth. I remember begging my Mom to buy me a collectible Return of the Jedi glass from a fast food place back when I was about 10 years old. I think I still have it somewhere. I think it's great that they decided to bring back the retro promotion of the collectible glass for a movie that's kind of retro-chic itself.

Full points to the marketing department!

May 11, 2009

Arabic Talk 2.0

I got to give my second talk in Arabic this weekend. It was not part of the TMS, just a class activity. But it was still a lot of work to give. The only time rules were: no shorter than 15 seconds and no longer than 2 minutes. I think mine was about 2 minutes. But those two minutes took about 5 hours of prep time! My theme was Matthew 7:7. That was an easy one because it used the same string of words ('keep on ____ing..') three times.

My goal was to give this talk entirely from an Arabic outline, but I found that I just could not read fast enough. So I ended up transliterating and reading from that. But I think I am getting better at reading Arabic script. Less and less I find myself going to my cheat sheet. I also am finding more and more words that sound like typical American names. For example, this week, I found that 'katherin' means 'often' and 'mccann' means 'place'. So if your name is Katherine McCann and you go to an Arabic-speaking persons door and introduce yourself, they may think you are saying 'I am often at this place'. That would be awesome.

May 6, 2009

Turning the corner?

So the economy is in the dumps. Everybody knows that. But in the past week or so, I have seen some signs of a possible corner being turned. Back in the day (circa 2005) I used get 'headhunted' about once or twice a week. I would get these calls or email from some guy from some tech temp agency telling me he had a 'great position' that I might be interested in. But over the past couple of years those calls have slowed to a trickle; eventually stopping altogether.

I also have checked out Craigslist for SharePoint jobs in my area (I am happy with my job but never hurts to look right?). The SharePoint platform is very popular and growing despite the down economy. But when things kind of hit bottom earlier this year, even those listings disappeared in my county.

But a few days ago I got my first headhunter call in a long time (he called my direct line which I do NOT publish online). I have also been seeing many more SharePoint related IT jobs showing up on Craigslist in my county. Not sure if any of this means anything, but it's encouraging nonetheless.

May 2, 2009

House Warming Party...

...Well not really a party as much as an open house. We invited quite a few folks with a sort of broad brush (mostly via email with no RSVP needed). I didn't expect many to come, but as it approached midday and still no one had stopped by I began to get worried. But a few eventually came by. Mostly the obligatory family visitors. Only one of the friends from the Arabic group made it, but a couple of others called. Most of them helped with both my Gramma's move and our own moving effort, so it was understandable. Our old friends Jonah & Brittany visited so that was really cool. We hadn't seen them in quite a long time.

Now the house is quite again and we have pizza on the way. Looking forward to a calm and pizzafied evening in front of the Tivo. Nom nom nom....