Jul 22, 2009

Dance Dance Repetition

From the ‘it’s about time’ department, a post today on Gamasutra reports that Guitar Hero and Rock Band sales are down by half this year. Maybe it’s just a short lull (LOL?) or maybe people are finally sick of yet another rhythm game requiring yet another proprietary piece of hardware. But I imagine it’s the former and people will continue to play these games.

If that’s the case then may I recommend a few unique variations that might appeal to the not-so-mainstream parts of society:

Theremin Hero

Pros: You will never get gamer calluses because physical contact in not involved

Cons: Lots and lots of Beach Boys covers and old scifi b-movie soundtracks

Bagpipe Hero

Pros: If you do well, opposing armies will flee in terror

Cons: The device requires a large battery pack that is in the form of a wearable digi-kilt ™.

Guitar Hero Hero

Pros: The player uses an elaborate set of motion sensing devices to control a character on screen.

Cons: The goal is to increase the characters 'loser' meter by making him/her think they are actually playing a real instrument. You have Loser Power!

Simon Hero

Pros: The only hardware required is a Simon(tm)

Cons: The only place to find a Simon(tm) is probably in your parents hall closet.

1 comment:

Ben said...

Just to screw around with the staff I went into the local game store attached to the Hollywood Video and asked for Accordion Hero. The kid actually started a stock check. His cohort was all excited because he thought such a product must be stock full of Weird Al songs.

How many keys and buttons are there on an accordion? How big of a TV would it take to effectively play Accordion Hero?