May 13, 2009

A frothy glass of awesome

We went to see the new Star Trek last weekend. It was pretty good. But what this post is about is not the movie, but rather the collectible glasses available from Burger King. What a great promotion! I already bought a complete set that I will keep in their boxes unopened. But I wanted to get at least one that I would actually use (pictured). These glasses really take me back to my youth. I remember begging my Mom to buy me a collectible Return of the Jedi glass from a fast food place back when I was about 10 years old. I think I still have it somewhere. I think it's great that they decided to bring back the retro promotion of the collectible glass for a movie that's kind of retro-chic itself.

Full points to the marketing department!


Thaydra said...

Although I have not yet seen the movie, I agree with your kudos to the return of the glasses.

I always thought they were such a fun, yet practical, promotion. I too remember begging for those when I was a child. Or, maybe even still today =)

Jonah said...

Those are way cooler than I thought. I may be trying to pick some of those up this weekend.

Are they a one a week thing (which means I'm already too late) or do you get to pick?

Etherknight said...

I bought all mine at once. But you have to get a 'value meal' for each one. They wouldn't let me buy them separate from meal. I think it's still going on, at least it is in Snohomish.

Collectible Glass said...

What a great call for Burger King! With all of the nostalgia involved, their sales are likely to increase this quarter. Enjoy your collectible glasses!