May 14, 2009

Comcast Extreme

I know my speed is not exactly the highest in all the land, but it's way faster than what I had with Verizon DSL. With Verizon I was paying for something like 1.5Mbps, but of course I never go anywhere near that. Usually it was around 900Kbps or less. It was cheaper for the DSL to be sure. But by doubling how much I pay for highspeed, I increased my pipe by nearly fiftyfold.

So needless to say, when I got the supersized Comcast highspeed package it was quite a shock. You mean I am paying for 50Mbps and actually getting it most of the time? What is this Bizarro world? It's still slower than work, but I think just about any residential ISP is going to pale in comparision to the K20 backbone I am on at WSIPC. But there is still this matter of Comcast's 250GB/month limit. I do a lot of demo downloading, HD movie streaming, etc. so I think I might be on their nastygram list soon. Since the have yet to offer any kind of "how much have I downloaded this month" mechanism, I guess I just have to wait until they tell me something....

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