Apr 12, 2009

Judd and Black. meh.

I promised I would get Becky a new washer and dryer when we got this new place, so this last weekend it was time to make good on that promise. I had heard from a coworker that Judd and Black was a pretty decent place to buy appliances. They are an independent shop with several locations around Western Washington state. Judd and Black does all their own service on washing and dryers, so that's a plus if we ever need it. And I prefer working with independents anyway, so we gave it a try.

After 3 minutes in the store I very nearly walked out because the salesman was such a jackass. His name was Chris Foss and came right up to us while we were looking through a copy of Consumer Reports we had brought along. He immediately launched into this bit about how CR was crap and implied that "only idiots" believe in what CR says. Not exactly winning me over by bashing my intelligence in front of my family, Chris, I thought. But I decided to ride it out and see what they could do for us.

Despite the unprofessionalism of the salesman, he certainly knew his stuff (or at least knew how to fake it). So he blathered on about this and that, and we tried to squeeze a word in edgewise about what we wanted. I told him our target budget and, of course, he came back with a price that was hundreds higher that our budget. So I told him we would try somewhere else and he, again, implied that it was "stupid" to think Home Depot or Lowes would have better prices. I pointed to the clearance sets they had on their own floor and mentioned that the big-box stores had the same type of thing on their sales floor, for a lot less. Then Chris was all 'well, let me see what I can do'. I hate salesmen. Probably won't be going back to Judd and Black. I would rather pay more money and be treated like an adult.

Frigidaire Gallery Series
So this went on for a while and it turned out they had the same set we had looked for in their 'scratch & dent' section. What's more, it was priced at just what we wanted to pay (how surprising). So we bought those and they should be delivered on Monday. Incidentally, after all the CR bashing Chris did, he still recommended the same make & model that CR had: the "Frigidaire Gallery Series". In fact the only brands he didn't recommend were, and this is a real shocker, ones Judd and Black didn't sell. Did I mention how I hate salesmen?

After the washer and dryer were delivered, I found I still needed a couple of things. The ancient valves in my house had to be replaced (they immediately started leaking when we turned on the water), and the washing machine hose wasn't long enough to hook up the new washer. So if you have a 40 year old house and need to replace the washing machine, I recommend you save some yourself headaches and buy new valves and (if needed) a new hose before the new one is delivered. Who wants to get a new toy and without the batteries, right?

UPDATE: After our recent kitchen fire, we tried Judd & Black again. This time we skipped the salesmen altogether and went straight to their 'liquidation center' across the street. Much better experience! The fellow helping us, Mark, was very cool. I don't see myself going back to main showroom again, but this outlet thing is highly recommended!


Thaydra said...

I can't stand salesmen. In fact, my boyfriend and I passed on buying a car, simply because the salesman wouldn't take "we'll come get you if we have questions" for an answer.

I've gotten to the point where I simply walk out of the store if the salesman does not leave me alone. I cannot imagine being treated so rudely on top of it! Did you make mention of it to the supervisor? I would. They may be unaware of this employee and his holier than thou attitude.

Not to mention, now he has a sale under his belt. I would point out to the supervisor that you did not buy it because of HIM.

I'm so glad I'm not a salesperson. Some are fantastic... some are utterly horrid!

Adam B. said...

I love your assessment. I just went to the store and met the same salesman, he basically gave me two options to be a fool or not pay $220 for a warranty or don't. It's your choice. But remember only a fool wouldn't buy it.

Anonymous said...

As an employee of Judd and Black, I apologize for the poor sales experience. I work in the delivery department and hope that at least that was a pleasant experience. If so, I hope that you'll consider trying us again.

Etherknight said...

The only element that I did not like was that particular salesman. Everything else was great. The next time I go, I will call ahead and make sure I get a different sales guy.