Mar 17, 2009

Identity Statement: Yep. That's my name alright.

The title insurance people had me fill out a form called an 'identity statement'. They said it sped the process along. They need to make sure I am who I say I am so they can discern if there are public records that actually belong to me. The fun part was my first name. It's legally a single letter (I will leave it to your imagination which one), with one of my middle names (I have three), Michael, being used as a de facto first name. I had to make sure they knew that I had not made an error filling out the form. That I did indeed have a single letter for a first name and then three middle names and then a last name.

That reminds me of a story I heard somewhere once. A young man names JB Stewart goes to get his first drivers license. His initials didn't stand for anything in particular, they were just JB. He wanted to make sure the DOL folks got it right, so on the application we wrote his name thusly:

J (only) B (only) Stewart

He passed his driving test and got his license in the mail a few week later. He looked down and to his horror the card read:

Jonly Bonly Stewart.

I have had several not entirely dissimilar experiences myself.

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