Jan 30, 2008

Arabic Class - Week One: Salaam!

Last Saturday was our first day of Arabic class. It was intense and educational, but overall it was really fun! We didn’t find any Arabic speakers in our post-class field service, but I am hopeful we will find some this Saturday. We learned to say “Hello, I am (name). And you, what is your name? How are you? This book is for you. Goodbye!”. Not exactly the Gettysburg Address I know, but I was surprised how much I was able to retain after just one session. We also learned how to say “I am American”, “I am tired”, “I am married”, and several other simple phrases that we may here hear in the field. It helps that the whole family is involved and we can use each other for practice with.

Of course the kids, with their freakishly absorbent brains, are picking it up way faster than Becky and I are. We all are hoping we can stick with this for the duration.