Apr 30, 2007

Dreams of Conjunctivitis and Butt Paste

I got a bout of conjunctivitis (aka 'pink eye') last week. Probably from all the cooties the kids bring home from school. I got to telecommute for two days because of it, which I thought I would really like. Turns out that telecommuting kinda sucks. It's like being home, but not being home, y'know? Sure I could sleep a little later, and sure I could work in sweatpants, but I still had to work. So what's the fun in that?

Well, the most interesting thing that happened was a trip to the walk-in clinic to look at my eye. The doc prescribed so crazy eye drop stuff, and I headed to the local apothecary to fill the prescription. While patiently waiting for the pharmacy-magic (tm) to happen, I caught sight of something called Butt Paste.

Apparently it's some new diaper rash ointment. That's fine, I'm an A & D man myself, but whatever. Seriously though, did the marketing department come up with "Butt Paste" on their own? Seem kind of low brow for most corporate types. But I would have loved to be in that meeting.

Marketing Director: 'Okay people, we are launching a new diaper ointment this quarter. Ideas on a name?.. It needs to be something with, y'know, 'zaz'. Something new, fresh, and cool. Like 'butt paste', but not as stupid.'
Marketing Team: 'How about "Butt Paste" (tm) boss?'
Marketing Director: 'Brilliant!'


jonah said...

See, you've already scripted your first webcomic.
And you were worried you wouldn't think of any material.

Anonymous said...

Not a new product, it has been on the market for some time.